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Yo, it's so hard finding love. Alright, this kid is kinda flirting with me and I don't understand if it's real or if it's an act and he's just superfical. I can't decide, maybe he is intreasted? Maybe he thinks he's intreasted, but what if he really doesn't like me? What am I to say? I know that I can't get my hopes up because I don't want to be let down and hurt. He's not that attractive, but looks aren't everything I know that. Maybe I should realize that high school and love is hard to find, let alone the right guy to love.

Sometimes I wonder, why am I gay? I know I am gay, no doubt but what makes me so different that I turned out gay? Is it how you're born? Or how you're raised, some people say that it's who you are from birth and others say you become gay...well if that were true. Wouldn't parents try and make sure their children aren't gay? If I ever adopt children, I hope they aren't gay because it's the hardest thing to be in middle and high school and be gay. 

This kid that i'm talking to, is bisexual. I personally don't beleive in bisexuality because you can't be both. It's like being a magnet that connects to both ends and that doesn't happen....ever. Maybe I'm the one whose wrong though, and maybe bisexual is possible. I'm not physically attracted to Alex, and it doesn't help that he's bisexual. But maybe he can help me see that they do exist and it's not just a phase of coming out.


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