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That's Life!
I honestly don't think I can stand to think that I am the talk of so many people. I mean it's funny.
Of course it would hurt to some, but doesn't. I don't understand why so many don't like me just for something as small as my orientation.
Do you see me going around asking every guy I know out?
I just really wish there were more people like Micheal Roman. He's a straight guy, who has empathy. I LOVE that! I feel that I can tell him anything. Actually, most of the people (as in straight guys) are tolerant and civil with me. Funny thing is, is that at the start they did not like me at all, but now they're cool. It's nice to feel welcomed by people then just my bitchezz.
Though I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that people actually start conversations about me.
I can't go through one day and not know that someone has said SOMETHING about me. Be it good or bad, it's true.


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